Offer EP

by Clear Piss

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A hardcore album about selling urine. A loose concept. It's pretty neat. THE FIRST TRACK IS MASSIVE DOE. LISTEN FUCKING LOUD. <3


released May 19, 2015

Douglas Allen - pretty much everything poorly



all rights reserved


Clear Piss Nashville, Tennessee

One guy. Writing songs under a moniker. About pee.

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Track Name: A Fifty
red plastic cups my weapon of choice
behind a car door in a parking lot
i'll be there early drinking bottles of gatorade
just to make sure i'm okay to spray


primed as fuck and it wont stop once it starts
i keep one hand on cock the other on cash

passed out from dank ass weed, a night spent in bliss
you give me thirty bucks, i'll piss in a cup
i'm clean as fuck, i haven't smoked in days
there's nothing wrong with me i swear

i'm a professional about my line of work
you'll get a golden shower you fucking jerk
Track Name: An Aim
in a stock room full of labels and names
i keep my product way ahead of the game
a crystal clear and wholistic supply
a modern miracle of science am i

fuck with the deal and then get fucked in return
i'm not afraid to let these fragile bridges burn
for what's at stake is much more valuable than gold
a lighter color still, warm to the touch
Track Name: A Vessel

a conscience failed keeping quiet my shame
i feel more like my fucking father every day
selling myself short on the reg just to cope
i am a piss talker, an everyday joke

what do you want, i'm just an ordinary man
i want to figure it out, at least have a plan

this is the life of the common mistake
tossed aside for the rest of them to take

if you only knew
if you could understand
my body used

a vessel, a vessel
nothing but an excuse
a vessel, a vessel
but who the fuck are you